About Us

We are a on-demand delivery platform striving to ease and make your book-buying experience pleasant.

We,at Readash, aim to become a one-stop platform for all your Academic Needs ranging from, but not limited to, Academic Books, Educational CDs, Solution Sets, Career Guidance, Academic Projects, Lab-Works, Competitive Examination Guides, Blogging, Internships and various must-have services that would make a student's life easy.

However, We also have a Special Thing for Novel Readers, therefore, We are making an effort to showcase the Best Selling Novels in Hard and Soft Formats as needed.

We are probably the First Online Store selling Academic Books on "Return Basis" while delivering them right at your doorstep. We are consolidating Education for you. We are evolving day in and day out and bringing the world together and at power to you.

We strongly believe that Studies and Work should always be accompanied by FUN in Life! Thus, We promise to partner with you and participate and conduct Fun-Filled Events with You and for You.

Even though we are starting over a limited geography, we will certainly extend our base to almost all the geographies across PAN India very soon.

Believe us, We have a solid strategy in place, firm dedication to provide easy services and are thrilled to present our solution to you.

Give us a trial and we shall have a bond of student to student, reader to reader, learner to learner and most importantly, We shall serve to provide the best customer experience ever!